GraciesPointeLogoThe Story:
In 2016 Capital Seaboard set out to create our very own proprietary oyster. We wanted to supply our customers with a unique, great-tasting oyster at a reasonable price so that our customers could in turn offer their patrons a truly unique, flavorful experience.  Our Seafood purchasing department used existing long-standing relationships with a wide variety of suppliers to develop exactly this.  We researched various growers in the area to create a one-of-a-kind product that we could stock daily and deliver to our customers at peak freshness.

In 2017, after over a year of research, Gracie’s Pointe Oysters were born.  The oysters are harvested from Bradford’s Bay on the Eastern Shore of Virginia by a family-owned and run company now in their fourth generation.  What makes the oysters harvested in Virginia so special ? The answer is simple: Product diversity and quality. The watermen of Virginia have been harvesting oysters in their respective regions for generations. Plus, Virginia boasts eight oyster regions that produce eight distinctive flavors.

The Taste:
Saltiness- Very Noticeable
Buttery/Creamy- Slight
Sweetness- Slight
Salty and creamy with mellow sweetness and a quick finish

How to Order:
We invite you to join these other fine establishments currently serving Gracie’s Pointe Oysters:

Mama’s on the Half Shell Ropewalk Oyster House
Reter’s Crab House G&M Restaurant
Henlopen City Oyster House Higgins Crab House Nort
Hudson Coastal Rocksalt Grille
Rusty Scupper Grilled Oyster DC
Koopers Tavern Gibby’s Carryout


Please contact your Sales Representative to order or Click Here to become a new Capital Seaboard Partner.

Oysters in baskets in sea water pools waiting to be pacakged and sold.Chincoteague, VA,USA-March 15, 2013: Islander harvesting the prized Chincoteague oyster the old fashioned way on March 15, 2013 in Chincoteague, VA. They were first harvested by settlers in the 1600s.
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