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New Location at 1301 Edison Highway


We Are Open Again and Up and Running at Full Speed!

We want to remind you that we are up and running 100% with the same great pricing backed by our outstanding service.

Capital Seaboard and G. Cefalu & Bro., Inc. proudly announce that we have resumed delivery service as of Wednesday February 10th. We are most fortunate to be operational as quickly as we are; and so very many folks are to thank – most notably, you! We sincerely appreciate your kindness and support throughout this journey. You have been a valued source of inspiration to complete this turnaround as quickly as we have – which was nothing short of a miracle. Our team of employees and our contractors have just been exceptional in pulling together and working around the clock; and the Health Department was invaluable in directing us to timely solutions in our Seafood Department. Thank you to all!

Our current pricing is effective through Monday; then we will resume our regular pricing schedule next week. Customer Service resumed this morning, as well. Our telephone numbers, systems [online ordering], and staff remain the same, with only our shipping location having changed.

The roller-coaster ride that we have ridden the last few weeks is culminating with the opportunity to again do what we so enjoy, and that is to serve you the finest produce, seafood and dairy in the Mid-Atlantic! Albeit an interesting trek to get here, we are very excited to share our ‘reopening’ confidently with you.

On behalf of our 250+ employees and their families, each of whom are integral to the operations of G. Cefalu & Bro., Inc. and Capital Seaboard – and have exemplified what a strong team is all about – we thank you for your patience, dedication and support.