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We truly understand your restaurant business. Why? Because we are chefs like you. Most of our sales team has formal industry training, and/or has owned or operated a restaurant. We appreciate the unique challenges you face, and what it takes to run a successful food service operation. This knowledge guides how Capital Seaboard operates its business as we focus our efforts on making your operation successful.

Capital Seaboard has been in the wholesale food distribution business, providing fresh seafood and produce to food service operations, for more than 60 years. We have developed deep supplier relationships that have withstood the test of time. These relationships benefit our customers every day in two very important ways – priority accessibility to product, and best-in-market pricing.

We do not settle for just any product. Rather we strive to source only the freshest, best quality seafood and produce items from around the world. Once these products arrive at our facility we care for them as if they were in our own kitchen and they were going to be served to our own family. Rest assured, quality and food safety are not just buzzwords to us, for every moment product is under our care we adhere to a stringent food safety program. To ensure the product is handled properly until the very moment you receive it, we go to the expense of hand delivering all products on our own fleet of refrigerated delivery vehicles.

Bringing our experience as chefs and deep product knowledge is at the heart of our relationships. We have become true business partners to our customers and assist with product selection, menu design and preparation methods. Capital Seaboard creates much more value than just selling product.

We invite you to experience the difference.


While Capital Seaboard technically sells produce, seafood and dairy, we are more accurately describe as a service provider. That service being providing the best delivery experience in the industry. All of our product is hand delivered by Capital Seaboard associates utilizing our own fleet of delivery vehicles. This allows unbroken custody of all products, thus ensuring that freshness and quality is maintained to the highest standards, and that timely delivery is assured.

Perishables Expertise

There is nothing more valuable to your business, nor more fragile, than fresh seafood or produce. Less than perfect products can so much cost more than just the price of the item, they can cost you your customers. With more than 60 years of history in sourcing fresh seafood and fresh produce from around the world, no one is better equipped to understand your product needs. Once delivered to us our quality assurance system takes over to ensure that only the finest quality product is delivered to you. We even hand delivery all of our products on our own specialized refrigerated vehicles. Trust Capital Seaboard to fulfill your needs.