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Most people know that fish is good for you, but what about other seafood?  As it turns out, Scallops, in addition to their delicately mild sweet flavor, contain a variety of nutrients and multiple health benefits.  Here on the East Coast, the most widely available types of scallops include the Atlantic deep-sea scallop and the bay scallop.  Capital Seaboard sources the freshest “Diver” or “Day Boat” scallops from New Bedford and other surrounding Atlantic areas. These scallops are graded and sized from U/10 (Under 10 scallops / per lb.) to the smallest, which are bay scallops. We also offer fresh “Wet’ and frozen scallops to meet the needs of any menu or recipe.

Sizing from Largest to Smallest (Ct. / Per lb.):
  • U/10ct. Scallops
  • 10/20ct. Scallops
  • 20/30ct. Scallops
  • Scallop Pieces
  • Bay Scallops