What makes a great meal memorable?
While there are certainly important factors such as service and price, quality is what starts and finishes every great meal! We see evidence of this every day.

What separates the successful establishments from the ordinary?
A wise restauranteur once said, “A customer rarely remembers how much a great meal cost, but will always have the price of a bad meal or experience on the tip of his tongue. So, don’t settle for just any product. Buy the best, charge accordingly and build a loyal customer base.” While the price of seafood is crucial in an industry with pencil thin margins, it is more than evident that those who source the finest quality seafood products at the best market price are consistently busier than those shopping for just price. Nowadays, if and when a consumer decides to spend their money on dining, it had better be a good meal!

Capital Seaboard stands by this philosophy by delivering to you, our valued customer, the absolute freshest possible product so that you can then serve it to the center of your customer’s plate. Most of our sales team and buyers have formal industry experience and understand the real challenges faced by foodservice operators today. Our premium labels and long term supplier relationships enable us to supply you with the freshest and highest quality seafood in the industry. Our decades of experience and stringent food safety programs ensure that your product has been handled properly until the moment it delivers to your door.

Let us help you succeed in business and make that meal memorable!

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