Capital Seaboard has an extensive line of Frozen Portions, Loins, Fillets and Whole Fish, to meet the needs of both food service and retail customers. These commodities are sold in both bulk and retail (IVP) packs. So whether you are a fine dining restaurant in D.C., or a neighborhood grocery store on the eastern shore. We have what you need!  Some of our most popular items are:

  • Portions

    Tuna, Sword, Mahi, Tilapia, Salmon, Tilapia, Swai, Red Snapper & Grouper

  • Loins

    “Ahi” Tuna, Mahi, Wild “Local” Rockfish, Cod and Pollock

  • Fillets

    Salmon (Wild and Farmed), Sea Bass, Barramundi and Corvina

  • Whole

    Pompano, Red Snapper & Dover Sole



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