When you think of fine food and fine dining, lobster usually comes to mind. These large marine crustaceans are available fresh/whole in a variety of sizes, and processed into frozen lobster tails and lobster meat.  Capital Seaboard’s state-of-the-art lobster tanks hold live lobsters from 1# to 3# each. Larger lobsters can be easily acquired from our North Atlantic suppliers with additional notice.  Please call us or use one user-friendly Contact Page on our web site, please.

Lobster tails are stocked in a variety of sizes ranging from the smallest tail (3oz.) to the largest stocked tail, which is approximately (20-24oz.). Frozen Lobster tail origins are as follows:

Cold Water (Canada / S. African)

Warm Water (Brazil / Honduras)

Lobster meat is also a very popular lobster product with area chefs and retailers. This user friendly meat is stocked in several different forms:(C,K,L) Lobster Meat – Claw/Knuckle/Leg

(C,K) Lobster Meat – Claw/Knuckle

(T,C,K) Lobster Meat – Tail/Knuckle/Claw

All Tail Lobster Meat – 100% Tail meat

Lobster Sensation – Imitation Lobster meat

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