Originally, seafood and other meats were smoked to help preserve them during the winter months. Nowadays, specialty smokehouses use a variety of woods, curing processes and spices to create different tastes and textured smoked seafood. Capital Seaboard supplies a variety of smoked products from two main smokehouse purveyors: Ducktrap River of Maine and Up River of Florida (Kosher). Besides the traditional varieties of smoked salmon, we also offer Smoked Fish Dips, Whitefish Salad, Herring in Cream/Wine, Smoked Trout, Smoked Peppered Bluefish, Mussels and Scallops.  Here are some examples of our most popular Smoked Salmon varieties:

Smoked Salmon Offerings

Sliced or Unsliced (Norwegian, Canadian, Scottish, Sockeye)

Gravlox Style w/ Dill

Cajun, Pastrami and Traditional Smoked Salmon (Sliced)

Trimmings / Scraps – Traditional & Sockeye

Other varieties of smoked seafood’s are available for any occasion. Please ask your Sales Rep for more details.

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