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Shellfish is defined as any aquatic invertebrate animals having a shell, especially mollusks such as mussels, clams and oysters. Capital Seaboard works with multiple local farms and growers along the Atlantic coast to bring our customers the finest shellfish available. Daily shipments of fresh mussels, oysters and clams arrive to fill the needs of any restaurateur, country club, tavern or retail supermarket. While many of these shellfish varieties are brought in fresh daily, there are also convenient frozen / I.Q.F. packs to suit any need.

Here is a sample list of Local & East Coast shellfish growers-distributors we support:
  • Barren Island (Md.)
  • Chesapeake Gold (Md.)
  • Hollywood (Md.)
  • Tom’s Cove (Va.)
  • True Chesapeake (Skinny Dipper, Md.)
  • Bay Landing (MOJO, Md.)
  • Bevans(Va.)
  • Harris Seafood (Md.)
  • Glennwood Evans (Md.)
  • Mobjack Bay (Va.)
  • Broadwater(Va.)
  • Rappahannock (Va.)
  • Townsend Blue Pts. (NY)
  • Taylor Bay (Mass.)
  • Island Creek (Mass.)
  • Salt Pond (R.I.)
  • Aquanor (Mass.)
  • Ipswich (Mass)
  • JP Shell (Me)
  • Canadian Cove Musels (PEI)
  • American Mussel Harvester (R.I.)
  • Pangea Shellfish (Mass.)