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Specialty Seafood Items

In the world of seafood, this category is virtually endless. The general rule to go by is that “If it swims, we can get it!”  Whether it’s Taylor Bay Scallops or specialty oysters from Martha’s Vineyard, we can supply the Specialty Seafood Items you need. If you don’t see an item on our prices sheets, this doesn’t mean that it’s not available. Just a special order item. Please feel free it inquire about any menu need and we will do our best to source this product for you. Advance notice is needed.  Please feel free to contact our Seafood Department for more details.

Here is an example of some of our more popular Specialty ordered items:
  • Caviar
  • Taylor Bay Scallops
  • Steamer Clams
  • Manilla Clams
  • Skate
  • Sea Urchin (Uni)
  • Cockles (N.Z.)
  • Shucked Chincoteague Clams
  • Razor Clams
  • Monk Liver
  • West Coast Oysters
  • Stone Crab Claws