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Squid / Octopus

In North America, one of the most popular and staple seafood item in restaurants is Calamari / Squid. This is generally fried as an appetizer or can be grilled of an entrée or garnish. Capital Seaboard offers this staple item Fresh & Frozen, and in a number of preparations. The main varieties of cleaned squid offered are Tubes & Tentacles, Tubes Only, Steaks and Rings & Tentacles. These varieties are also available frozen in domestic and imported brands. The sizing and preparations of this item are virtually endless. Some of Capital Seaboards more prominent quality suppliers are: Towne Dock, Bosn, Yenlin, Illex, Asian Queen and Windsor Bay.

Octopus products are also offered at Capital Seaboard. This item is rapidly growing in popularity with local chefs and restaurateurs. Whether grilled or steamed for sushi, we have what you need. Whole octopus generally comes from either Spain or the Philippines (frozen) in a variety of sizes, from 1lb. to 10lb. Octopus tentacles (steamed) are also available and ready to be sliced (sushi) or grilled for a quick char. Take advantage of this reasonably priced seafood item that is gaining local market share and popularity.